So, you realise your dated and dull bathroom needs a new look and it is time for a renovation. However, this process can be an absolute nightmare, or a breeze if you know what to look out for and the people you want to work with to build your new bathroom. If you’d like to know the pitfalls and tips on renovating your bathroom, read the rest of this blog.

1. Know your space

When it comes to bathroom trends or oversized bathroom ware, many people forget that not all bathrooms are the same and you may not be able to copy and paste what you see from the photos.

Freestanding bathtubs have been one of most popular styles of bathtubs in recent years. However, not many people know that these baths need the space and room to accompany it. There are many other bathtubs that look just as sleek and modern as a freestanding bath. These are smaller, more compact and fit up against the wall. All the while, looking slightly freestanding from the front. For every style toilet, sink or cabinetry that you like, there are always plenty of alternatives to accommodate for your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities are also one to become too oversized for the bathroom. It is tempting to have a large mirror and bench room around the sink. However, you may realise the space that it takes reduces the practicality around the bathroom. You may not realise until after it has been installed, that the cabinet door doesn’t open all the way and leaves you shuffling against the opposite wall.

You can have a beautiful looking bathroom but if you cannot use it as a bathroom, then there is no point.

2. Hire licenced tradespeople

To renovate a bathroom, it takes a large team of plumbers, electricians, tiles and builders. You may end up hiring multiple people to tackle different aspects of the job. Also, It is common to hire based on price or asking a friend. Though, you need to deeply research and check that they are fully licenced with years of experience and that they hold the proper paperwork. You must be able to trust that they will take accountability for the job if there was anything to go wrong. Also, majority of licenced, well-established tradespeople will have the latest technology and tools to carry out the job.

3. Organising and prioritising practicality first

You may think that organising the components of a bathroom is simple. This is far from reality. There are many small problems that may arise once everything has been built that you may have not noticed on paper. Then, when utilising it in your day to day, it becomes too apparent that it is uncomfortable or not ideal.

For example, a towel rack that is situated immediately next to a toilet. To some it may not be a bother but the majority may not want to have their shoulder covered by a hanging towel when they are using the toilet. Simply moving the towel rack further away or on the opposite end of the room, may help.

Another example may be putting the toilet at the head of a bathtub. Imagine you are relaxing in your new bathtub but your head falls right in front of the toilet seat, it isn’t the most ideal place to be. Again, it may be the difference between swapping the location of the toilet and the towel rack.

Get yourself a professional to help

Collaroy Kitchens are experts in bathroom renovations and take care of absolutely every aspect that goes into a bathroom. From the materials, design, the builders and tradespeople, installation and clean up. They will strip everything back to bare walls and have experienced in-house designers that can advise you on how to utilise the space of your new bathroom best. They will cover any of those pitfalls that you may not consider until it is too late. Get in contact with Collaroy Kitchens today for a brand new bathroom.

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