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5 Biggest Kitchen Renovation Traps to Avoid

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Did you know that according to Houzz Research, Australian households spent an average of $15,000 on renovating existing kitchens in 2019? Hence why careful research and planning are so important to ensure you end up with a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Keep reading this blog to gain some insight into avoiding 5 of the biggest kitchen renovation traps, looking at the greater picture as well as the finer details.

#1 – Too Much DIY

If you are a DIY-enthusiast, you may be skilled enough to renovate certain areas of your kitchen, from the tiling to cabinetry. However, certain tasks are too difficult or complex to do yourself, namely any plumbing, gas, or electrical work. These tasks should only be completed by qualified plumbers and electricians. It is recommended that you consult a professional kitchen design company in the beginning stages to avoid any costly mistakes, stress, and unwelcome delays.

#2 – Choosing Aesthetics Over Practicality

One of the biggest kitchen renovation traps is making decisions for your next kitchen based on looks, forgetting about practicality and how your kitchen will function day-to-day. As nice as some kitchens are to look at, the truth is that they may not be as practical as you would expect; your kitchen needs to be planned with workflow and appliance positioning in mind.

#3 – Inadequate Storage and Countertop Space

Remember to consider lots of storage options when you are planning your kitchen renovation. Think about different add-ons and storage types, such as drawer dividers and cabinet expansions like pantry pull-outs and multilayered options.

One overlooked kitchen element is the countertop. A countertop is not only a practical feature, but it also needs to align with your renovation style. Consider using a stone or marble benchtop as they are durable and easy to clean, adding a luxurious feel to your kitchen.

#4 – Purchasing Appliances Last Minute

Another big kitchen renovation trap is buying appliances after the design has been finalised. It is much easier to decide on cabinetry and countertops to fit appliances, instead of the other way around. Research the appliances you will purchase during the planning process to ensure you don’t overlook your all-important kitchen equipment.

#5 – Making Changes After Work Has Started

There are no issues with changing your mind early on in the design phase, but making impulsive changes after work has begun can set you back precious money and time. One of the best ways to avoid falling into this kitchen renovation trap is to make sure you have open communication from the start with your builders and designers. These professionals are here to aid you in your kitchen renovation journey, offering invaluable insight and opinion.

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Your kitchen is going to be a space where you and your family will spend plenty of time. It needs to be practical and visually pleasing space, and with careful planning, you will avoid falling into these mentioned kitchen renovation traps.

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