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7 Different splashback options when renovating your kitchen

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When planning your kitchen renovation, always consider how long you plan to live in your home because that should influence your choice of splashback. Read on to discover why.


These days, there is a huge array of splashback materials you can chose for your new kitchen renovation. In fact your options are so vast, we often suggest clients think about how long they plan to live in their home.

If it is your forever home, then choose a highly personalised splashback that will give you joy and truly reflect your personality.

But if you are thinking you will upsize, downsize or simply change address in a few years’ time, you might want to take a more conservative approach with your splashback choices.


Either way, here is a quick summary of your possible splashback options.


1. Making a comeback …. Tiles have been unpopular for many years but they are now making a huge, and very fashionable comeback. The primary reason is the variety of tile options that are available. This makes it easy to truly personalise your kitchen. For example:

Marble Tiles combine the popularity of marble with the versatility of tiles. They now come in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit your décor and personal style preferences. We recommend you don’t use marble tiles behind your hotplates because they are prone to staining and marking.

Subway Tiles are a perennial favourite but for some, they have been overused. To overcome this, subway tiles have been reinvented and now come in a wide range of colours and textures. They can also be laid in a range of different patterns to achieve an individual look.

Hand-made Tiles are a super luxurious option to give your kitchen a totally bespoke but rustic look. Each tile will be unique with tonal variations and undulating surfaces. They also come at a much higher price than other tiles. That makes them most suitable if you are renovating the kitchen in your forever home.

Patterned Tiles provide texture and can even be used as a focal point or border. Choose a neutral colour to simply add texture or bright, bold colours to make a statement.


2. Quartz Splashbacks (also known as manufactured stone) look like natural stone but have a consistent colour and pattern. They are also more durable and stain resistant than natural stone. However, Quartz isn’t fire-rated so you will need deeper benches if you are using Quartz behind a gas cooktop.When you choose Collaroy Kitchen Centre, you are choosing a team who specialise in using luxurious materials to create a bespoke look.


3. Porcelain Panel Splashbacks are a growing trend for people who want a seamless look for their benchtops and splashback. Porcelain is an extremely versatile material that can also be used on walls and fireplaces. But it has a premium-price. For that reason, we believe it’s most suitable for kitchens in forever homes.


4. Mirror Splashbacks can make a small kitchen look larger. Choosing a smoky or grey-coloured mirror can also add instant glamour and elegance to a kitchen. But they can be tricky to clean.


5. Glass Splashbacks are very easy to clean and can be used to add a pop of colour or make a neutral statement. They are also a good choice in small or dark kitchens because they tend to reflect light.


6. Window Splashbacks create a Wow feature in any kitchen. With the right landscaping or an attractive view, your window splashback can look like a living artwork.


7. Combining Splashback Materials can give your kitchen dimension if you make your selections carefully. For example, using Quartz for a portion of your splashback area and glass or mirror for the balance will give you an elegant, sophisticated kitchen that’s a dream to keep clean.


“We design for beauty and function”


Before we begin designing your kitchen, we’ll talk to you about how you want to use your kitchen, your lifestyle and what’s important to you. We’ll also guide you on your choice of materials – including splashbacks, benchtops and cabinetry.

What’s more, at every stage of your kitchen renovation, you can rely on our Danish design excellence – because we believe your kitchen should be given the same care and attention as any piece of bespoke furniture.

For inspiration, visit our Facebook page To speak with a member of our design team, visit our Showroom or get in touch here.


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