When deciding on renovating a bathroom, it can be overwhelming and confusing when thinking about where to start. How do you really know if you are trapped in potential hidden pitfalls? Here at Collaroy Kitchens, we take care of everything from the planning through to the clean-up following the installations. If you would like to know more about how we transformed numerous bathrooms at Collaroy Kitchens, continue reading.


The friendly team at Collaroy Kitchens take time to sit down with the customer, run through all their options and concerns. We have a spacious and stunning showroom to show you examples and samples of our premium materials. The process takes roughly four to six weeks when completed properly. Collaroy Kitchens try to minimise length of the process as much as possible.

Designer Sent Out

We send our designer out to measure the space. Then, the designer will draw up a design and provide a costing. We run you through the breakdown of the costing and if the client is satisfied to go ahead, then they are requested to place the first payment. We provide a full transparent and itemised quote. Therefore, the client is aware and reassured of the complete costs of their bathroom renovation.

Second Measure & Adjustments

The team will then carry out a site measure and make any adjustments, as necessary.


The team arrive at the client’s home and cover any space that will have traffic coming through. They lay plastic sheets to cover the floor, so that the carpet or timber floors does not get damaged in the process. This is also dependant on the location of the bathroom. In some cases, common areas may have to be covered in plastic or a corridor will be created for the tradespeople to walk through.

The Build Begins

The job finally begins. At Collaroy Kitchens, we start with a bare canvas. We strip the existing bathroom back to bare walls. This way, we leave no stone unturned and ensure that every aspect of the bathroom is completed to the highest standards. We have experienced and licensed tradespeople that have worked with us for years. Consequently, the work carried out on each and every job is consistent and guaranteed. Our team of electricians, builders, plumbers and tilers proceed building out the brand-new bathroom. The bathroom is then cleaned at the end of each working day.

The Final Clean Up

The team remove all the plastic from the initial preparation and complete a final, thorough clean of the work site. All that is left is the finished product, a sparkling new bathroom of your dreams.

What happens after?

Collaroy Kitchens provide a 10-year warranty on all of our bathroom builds. That’s how confident we are in our work. Therefore, if you have any noticeable damages in your bathroom during the 10 years, we send out one of our experience tradesmen to address the concern. Note, general wear and tear is not covered.

If you are looking to swap out your old bathroom for the one of your dreams, look no further than Collaroy Kitchens. We are so proud to produce the highest quality bathrooms with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us today to start your journey with us.

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