When looking to renovate a kitchen, there are numerous aspects where a professional will need to step in. But how do you decide who to hire for each and every job? Most importantly, how do you know if you will get your desired results? Collaroy Kitchens has made it incredibly simple with their team of licensed tradespeople who have completed many reputable jobs in the past. This falls under one contract. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of having your renovation under one contract, keep on reading.

What is a list of trades?

The usual route for many people when they begin to renovate their kitchen is to hire kitchen joiners and cabinet makers, as this is the seemingly cheaper option. Some of these people may not necessarily hold a license to renovate a kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, the client is given a list of trades whom they have to contact directly for quotes and organise the time, the location and the specifications of the job. In the grand scheme of things, it may be time consuming and more expensive for first time renovators to arrange an army of tradespeople.

Licensed and under one contract

Unlike kitchen joiners and cabinet makers, Collaroy Kitchens are licensed and work with an experienced group of tradespeople. They are qualified and certified in their individual fields. Best of all, Collaroy Kitchens set up the schedule and they allocate jobs to all of the trades. All the client would have to do is to be on-site. These trades fall under one contract for the entire build – that means, from start to finish. Therefore, you are guaranteed an immediate response, if in the rare case you had issues with the work.

Machinery at its best

Collaroy Kitchens have a shared facility and as a result, all of our machinery is the latest and up to date. Whereas cabinet makers and joiners, may have older machinery. The importance of having the most recent machinery is so that you can guarantee the quality and consistency of the work. We have heard horror stories where panels have been cut by a chainsaw. Be cautious when choosing the right people to work on your home.

Trust the kitchen renovation experts

If you want to save the trouble of checking licenses and qualifications for your list of trades, call Collaroy Kitchens for an easy, one contract kitchen renovation. For our kitchens we provide a 10 year warranty, as opposed to the usual 7 year minimum. We can take the stress out of renovations, contact us today.

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