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Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials to Consider for Your Next Renovation

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Kitchen finishes are far more than a decorative element. In fact, kitchen finishes can be the final touches that bring a design together. Also, have you considered how different finishes and materials may influence the time spent in the kitchen? Maybe the original benchtop material you desired is way too high maintenance for what you can handle in your day-to-day. That’s why we break down everything you need to know about kitchen benchtop materials in this blog.

Whether you want to go for a rustic, modern or coastal look, there will be a benchtop to suit. With many different kitchen benchtop materials available, you may want to consider the following:

  • What is the overall aesthetic of your renovation?
  • What is your threshold for maintenance, high or low?
  • What is your cooking style and how often are you using the kitchen?
  • What is your renovation budget?

Best Kitchen Benchtop Material Options

Natural Stone Benchtop

Natural stone (for example, granite or marble) come with variations in colour and pattern. Natural stone benchtops give an elegant feel to the kitchen and is quite durable, however, it usually sits at the higher end of the kitchen budget spectrum.

Pros – Not only known for its visually pleasing features, but natural stone can complement a traditional or modern kitchen renovation. Stone is also a naturally heat-resistant material.

Cons – Natural stone is on the expensive side and is inherently porous, meaning it will stain with acidic foods and liquids. Learn more about keeping your kitchen benchtop clean.

Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone is created from ground quartz or granite combined with resin. It is designed to give the feel of natural stone but without the hefty price tag, making it one of the most popular choices for kitchen benchtops.

Pros – Stain resistant and non-porous material with minimal maintenance required. Can also be considered for outdoor use, CaesarStone have colours available for this.

Cons – Cracks or burn marks are largely non-repairable.

Timber Benchtop

Timber offers a rustic feel and natural accent for your kitchen benchtop. With a wide range of timber available in Australia, from deep red Jarrah to pale blonde Tasmanian Oak, there will certainly be a colour for you that will enhance your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

Pros – Feels “warm” to the touch compared to cooler stones or porcelain. Timber’s longevity is one of the main reasons for it being used as a benchtop material, it can be sanded or stained again to look brand new.

Cons – Once or twice a year, depending on your level of usage, a food-safe oil needs to be applied to timber to protect it. Timber also doesn’t like knives and too much heat or moisture.

Porcelain Benchtop

Porcelain benchtops like Neolith are made from 100% natural materials and pressed under immense pressure. Similar to natural stone, porcelain is heat, scratch, and UV resistant.

Pros – Denser material leading to a non-porous surface, making it extremely durable. Porcelain is available in wide variety of colour and texture options.

Cons – The intricate and labour-intensive manufacturing process of this premium product makes it a more expensive material.

Need Help Deciding Which Is the Best Kitchen Benchtop for You?

Being the hardest working surface in your kitchen, your benchtop material needs to be able to withstand the treacherous wear and tear it’s subjected to on a daily basis. Ideally, it should also be able to meet your needs and budget. If you’re an enthusiastic cook, you’ll realise that the wrong surface can disrupt your workflow, and if you’ve got little ones, then you’ll probably go for something more durable and easier to clean.

Collaroy Kitchen specialise in quartz, granite, marble, timber, porcelain, and stainless-steel benchtops to enhance your kitchen renovation. Our kitchen design professionals will keep your requirements and budget in mind to help you pick the right material for your benchtop, simply contact us for more information or come into our Collaroy showroom today.

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