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How To Keep Your Kitchen Benchtop Clean

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Kitchens are a place of cooking, drinking, eating, and bringing the family together. Therefore this area in the house is where food preparation is a common occurrence and the importance of hygiene is vital. In the kitchen, food is regularly being prepared and consumed and once finished there is always a mess to clean up. Kitchen benches that are left unclean are both unhealthy and unpleasant. Food can provide stains, which can be hard to remove, and also crumbs and food can attract rodents, ants and cockroaches. These pests will provide traces of unseen germs, which can be transferred to the people living in the house.

To keep your kitchen clean, our team at Collaroy Kitchen have listed tips to remove stains and marks from your kitchen counter.

Top Tips Removing Stains from Kitchen Benches

There are many types of materials available for your kitchen countertop. Let’s have a look at the most common benchtops and the best possible way to keep them clean.

Cleaning a Laminate Kitchen Benchtop

Laminate benchtops are fortunately practical and simple to clean. They are durable and stains, spills and scratches are simple to control. Use a warm cloth with a mild detergent or a commercial cleaner to wipe down the benchtop, also use a toothbrush to softly clean the edges and corners along joins. Be mindful that the longer a stain is unattended the harder it may be to remove.

Cleaning a Stone Kitchen benchtop

A stone kitchen top is one of the more modern options on the market; they look impressive however they come with a high price. With this in mind, cleaning is important to help maintain the beautiful look. The most simple way to remove stains is with a warm soapy cloth, however, if you notice tougher stains a gently clean with jiff should remove it. Be careful with the chemicals you use, kitchen detergent is good and will remove residue on top of the bench, to ensure it is streak free wipe it down with a dry cloth. Use methylated spirits to give it an extra shine. CaesarStone etc all have their own cleaning products that you can buy through their website.

Cleaning a Timber Kitchen benchtop

Timber benchtops are beautiful when they are new and keeping them clean will help maintain that look, use soapy warm water and a towel to wipe down any dirt or grime. Do not use vinegar or acidic cleaning products as this can impact the timber look and structure.

Cleaning a Granite/Porcelain Kitchen benchtop

Using a cloth that is damp is sufficient when it comes to cleaning and wiping down a granite or porcelain benchtop. For stubborn stains, warm water and soap should be sufficient.  This material is simple to maintain which is great for cleaning purposes. Once wiped, granite/porcelain looks clean and clear and will have a wonderful shine.

These various benches are made from different materials however most benchtops can suffice with just a wipe down with warm water and a soap solution.  A popular way of cleaning is using the kitchen sponge however this is unhygienic as sponges are for washing and cleaning dishes not to then be used to wipe down a benchtop. Contact Collaroy Kitchen today for your perfect benchtop!


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