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Is your holiday home or beach house as comfortable as it could be?

By November 25, 2021No Comments

It’s been another tough year for Sydneysiders. The lucky ones have a holiday house to escape the city hustle. But where’s the tranquillity when it comes to cooking in a cramped kitchen or trying to juggle the family and visitors when there is only 1 bathroom?

It’s been another tough year in Sydney and while travel is beginning to open up, many of us are still a little hesitant about border closures interfering with our holidays. For those who are lucky enough to have a holiday house, it’s become a haven where we can escape the city hustle and enjoy the tranquillity of a beach or country retreat. This longing for a nearby getaway is why many Sydneysiders are planning to purchase a holiday house within the next 6 months.

But where’s the tranquillity when it comes to cooking in a cramped kitchen or trying to juggle the family and visitors when there is only 1 bathroom? Here’s another question you have probably asked yourself … why is there more washing when everyone is on holidays?

Can you cheaply renovate your beach house kitchen, bathroom or laundry?

For many families, the purpose of their holiday home or beach house is to provide a place where they can unwind, relax and enjoy being together. However, the realities of poorly designed kitchens and laundries or inadequate bathroom and toilet facilities, leads to frustration, arguments and stress.

Now imagine your holiday home with updated kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. Would that make your holiday more enjoyable and relaxed?

Of course it would.

So let’s invest in ourselves and quality family time by considering a holiday or beach house renovation. There are lots of DIY or cheap options. But is that what you really want and need? Especially if it means valuable holiday time and weekends spent doing a lot of the renovation work yourself.

“Cheap is just cheap! It doesn’t add value to your property.”

Within a few hours drive of Sydney’s Northern Beaches are highly desirable holiday destinations. If you own a holiday house in one of these areas (or an area that is up and coming), you have a very valuable asset.

Just like your Northern Beaches home, having an updated, quality kitchen and modern bathrooms increases the value of your holiday house. Add a functional and attractive laundry and the desirability of your holiday property will soar. So from a purely ROI perspective, you really will be under-valuing your holiday home or beach house if you skimp on renovating these areas. Plus think about how much easier and relaxing your holiday will be when the kitchen is a breeze to cook in.

Now think about the opportunities to earn an income from your holiday home or beach house. With great kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities, could you turn it into a holiday rental property for part of the year? This certainly means you could afford to do the renovations you want, rather than budget renovations to get by.

A modern Australian beach house kitchen is just a phone call away

Located on the Northern Beaches, the team at Collaroy Kitchen Centre have been designing and installing high quality, desirable kitchens since 1997. As licensed builders, they do more than install cabinetry. They can modify your home to extend your kitchen, create a second bathroom or powder room or relocate your laundry. They can even create a luxurious outdoor kitchen to really add valuable living and entertaining space to your holiday home or beach house.

Best of all, when you work with Collaroy Kitchen Centre, you’ll deal directly with the owners of the business and their highly skilled designers – not salespeople. As a result, when one of the designers visit your home, they’ll be able to tell you what’s possible and the best way to achieve what you are longing for.

Danish kitchen design excellence on the Northern Beaches

Collaroy Kitchen Centre is possibly the best kitchen renovation company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches because everything they do is bespoke to meet their clients’ individual requirements. But they do it with the design intelligence that comes from a career that began working at one of Denmark’s oldest and most renown custom furniture makers.

In fact Collaroy Kitchen Centre is so confident about the quality of their bespoke joinery skills and kitchen or bathroom renovations, their work is backed by a 10 year warranty.

See what’s possible

To see examples of their work, visit their gallery. To discover what’s possible at your home or holiday house, contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre by calling 02 9972 9300 or email us.

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