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Is Your Kitchen Eco Friendly?

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It is important that we are aware of the environmental concerns our generation is combatting. One way we can help save our planet is by implementing an eco-friendly kitchen, and this can be done through eco-friendly appliances and eco-friendly kitchen material. Today Collaroy Kitchen is going to help you save on energy costs while adding style to your kitchen! Many people think that being eco-friendly and sustainable doesn’t look good however there are a number of appliances on the market today that are trendy, stylish and will suit any kitchen.  Those who are opting for an eco-friendly kitchen will typically have the same style as the eco-friendly appliances available.



Let’s look at the ways you can turn your kitchen into an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for you and your family.

Cabinets & Benchtops

The most eco-friendly material available is the stylish birch plywood. This material is created from thin layers of timber, which are placed together to enhance as much strength as possible whilst minimising unwanted waste. It’s important to check that your materials are non-chemical based. The other ideal option for eco-friendly material is melamine faced chipboard if this product has recycled timber or chipboard they will be a great eco-friendly option.

Floors & Walls

The most popular sustainable flooring is bamboo and engineered boards, which have been derived from real timber. However, there is more than one option available. For an eco-friendly floor and wall covering, the resin is a great option as it is a product of natural biopolymer, which resembles a polished appearance minus the use of water and chemicals, which would typically be used to achieve the same look.
If you prefer porcelain tiles, there are a few options that are from recycled waste. The perfect option for eco-friendly tiles is from the eco-range produced by Domus. However, for tiles on your kitchen wall, opt for a water-based low-VOC type of paint, which have eco-friendly properties perfect for your sustainable kitchen.

Sinks & Benchtops

The most common sink for a sustainable and practical kitchen is a stainless steel sink. They can be made from recycled steel and can still be recycled after being used. There are sink taps that are multifunctional allowing you to cut water and save on energy. Taps with a boosted flow, sparkling water and filters will save you purchasing bottled water, as well as taps, which heat only what is appropriate.


There are endless options available for sustainable appliances. From kettles to ovens, you can ensure that your kitchen is taking you one step further to a better future. There are various ways you can incorporate eco-friendly practices into your kitchen. For example, kitchen lights. LED lights use minimal energy to light up your kitchen, and why not opt for a refrigerator that gives off the highest energy efficient rating possible.

Contact Collaroy Kitchen For Eco-Friendly Tips

Transforming your kitchen into a sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen is a great idea not only for you and your family but also for the future generation. Every step towards saving the planet with help create a brighter future! Contact Collaroy Kitchen and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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