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Looking to renovate your kitchen but bored with white cabinetry? We have gathered a short list of timeless colour schemes that will blow you and your visitors away.

Kitchen Colour Schemes

1. Sharp Blacks & Whites

Afraid of colour but still want to make a statement? Deep blacks, marble and crisp white are a classic trio you can’t go wrong with. You can piece it with copper, rose gold and silver accent pieces in tapware and kitchen accessories. Timeless in appearance, you can add more white to enhance or use black to recede. For example, a classic white marble bench will centre your kitchen, whilst being framed by black stools and a black pantry door. You can add small details such as skinny metal handles for your drawers for added impact.

2. White & Timber (with a touch of black)

In recent years, Scandinavian charm and design has become particularly prominent in the interior design and décor industry. One of the key colour schemes that Scandinavian design incorporates is the use of whites and timber for a humble and minimalistic aesthetic. Australian homeware shops have started to adapt their product offerings to this colour scheme. Therefore, you will have no trouble trying to find matching pieces for your kitchen. Get the look with a classic white bench, timber hardwood floors, black steel stools with timber seats and add minimal black accents in the lighting fixtures or tapware.

Not only is this look timeless but also, it can suit a wide range of home styles by simply changing a few textures, tones or accent pieces. For example, to incorporate this into a coastal home, you could opt the warm timber for ashy driftwood. For a modern farmhouse, you can utilise a butler’s sink with antique gold style drawer or cabinet handles.

3. Blue & Grey

Blues and greys are no longer reserved for nautical themed rooms. In fact, dusty denim blues with concrete mid-greys can elevate any kitchen. They add a certain sophistication and unique flair while not trying to be overwhelming. It is calming in appearance, giving you a relaxed environment to cook in. You can make a statement utilising a concrete or stone kitchen benchtop. To add a touch of warmth in the room, consider timber floors or wooden kitchen accessories – even leaving the wooden chopping board out for display will add an extra element to your space. If your kitchen feels a little too dark to accompany this darker palette, balance the space with white splashbacks, décor or stools.

4. Greens & Cream

This colour scheme at first may seem a bit outdated, however, when choosing the right tone of green with the complimenting cream or white, these two colours can work together harmoniously.

A simple guide can be:

Mint Green + white:

This can be one of the most modern pairing out of the list as the crisp white can balance the delicate green. This colour scheme will make your kitchen look youthful, bubbly and fun.

Oliver green + champagne:

The slightly yellow undertones of the olive green pair nicely with a champagne marble and deep gold or brass. This mature and elegant pairing allows you to play around with more antique homewares, cutlery and kitchen accessories. Think regal knobs and handles.

Designing a Custom Kitchen

If you are still indecisive with what colour palette will compliment your home and space, perhaps consider the professional help of a kitchen company such as Collaroy Kitchens. We have built countless dream kitchens over the years and guide our clients through everything from the design to the installation. Additional to light and space, our team can help you with practicality, tailoring your kitchen to suit your lifestyle. If you’d like to get started on building your brand new kitchen today, contact Collaroy Kitchens.

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