Taking your kitchen to the next level may seem like a challenge, however, there are endless ways to style your next kitchen to help take it up a notch. The professionals at Collaroy Kitchen have put together some key styling ideas that can transform your kitchen from drab to fab!

Styling for Practicality

 As the heart of a home, kitchens are involved in events of all kinds, from weeknight dinners to family gatherings. Therefore, the more practical you set out and style your kitchen, the more time you will want to spend in your new kitchen enjoying the well planned space.
From chopping boards to cannisters, these everyday items assist in creating a functional and well-styled kitchen. As an example, natural timber chopping boards can bring additional warmth into a kitchen, especially when contrasting against the colours within a kitchen.

Focal point

Deciding on one particular focal point as part of your kitchen styling can help bring everything together and make the kitchen look less busy. Whether it may be a beautiful splash back or marble benchtops, there should be focus on one centrepiece then work with it to create a harmonious flow.

Styling Through Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are increasingly being used as a style feature in many homes. A kettle, toaster or mixer can provide an additional pop of colour in your kitchen, creating a sense of luxury whilst maintaining practicality.
Kitchen appliances are not only an essential part of your kitchen, but they can also add personality and style to your kitchen. There are options to consider when styling your kitchen using your appliances, for example, the appliance colour or finish such as stainless steel or monochrome versus colour. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to kitchen styling and our butler pantries at Collaroy Kitchen offer an effective solution for increasing kitchen bench space through the ability to store cookware and to hide mess.
One tip when using kitchen appliances as a part of your styling method is to carefully select the appliances to ensure they will contribute to the space and not overcrowd the area. The last thing you want to end up with is a kitchen that feels cluttered and unorganised.

Styling Your Sink

 Often when styling a kitchen, we tend to focus on the kitchen bench space. However, paying attention to how you style your sink can provide an opportunity to add your personality into the kitchen. Placing common items such as hand soaps and dish soaps in small dishes can assist in creating a stylish look whilst reducing clutter around the sink.

 Styling Your Storage

There are many storage options available to help with styling your kitchen, ranging from sleek cabinetry to open shelving. You may lean towards the cabinet option if you want to keep your cookware and appliances out of sight or if you enjoy displaying your fine kitchenware why not show it off?

Let the professionals handle it

More people have begun to realise the true value of having a practical and styled kitchen, and the team at Collaroy Kitchen are more than ready to help you design and build your dream cooking space. Please come into a showroom or feel free to call us at Collaroy Kitchens to talk about what we could do for your next kitchen.

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