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No mess kitchen & bathroom renovations … Yes, it is possible!

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We’ve all heard horror stories, or worse lived through the dust, dirt and chaos of a kitchen or bathroom renovation. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Read on to discover why.


We’ve all heard horror stories, or worse lived through the dust, dirt and chaos of a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation. But it doesn’t need to be that way. In fact, John Olsen, the owner of Collaroy Kitchen Centre believes there is no excuse for any trade to leave a client’s home dusty and dirty. Even on demolition day!

That’s why they do things differently.

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry, there will always be inconvenience. But for many, it’s the mess and dust that seems to permeate into every corner of their home that makes them delay their renovation. There is also the worry that other areas of your home may be harmed by the renovation.


“On demolition day, things are removed with care”


That’s why Collaroy Kitchen Centre approaches renovations differently. On the first day of your renovation when demolition begins, you’ll discover they invest time in protecting the rest of your home. This includes installing plastic sheeting in doorways and other openings to contain the dust during demolition. To protect your existing flooring, the team will place durable substrate in the high traffic walkways.

Of course, clean drop sheets are used throughout and at the end of each work day, the renovation area is vacuumed. So even if you decide to move out during the renovation, your home will be treated with respect.

That’s why Collaroy Kitchen Centre clients often rave about how little mess their renovation caused.

Even better, we are licensed builders so we can add additional space to your home or reconfigure your existing floor plan to build the efficient, hard-working laundry of your dreams.


It’s the end result that counts!


Of course, most clients don’t think about the renovation process. Instead, they focus on the end result – a beautiful, functional kitchen, bathroom, laundry or outdoor kitchen.

That’s why Collaroy Kitchen Centre use designers – not salespeople. Their designers will carefully listen to what you want and then transform that information into a custom design that will make your dreams a reality.

When you choose Collaroy Kitchen Centre, you are choosing a team who specialise in using luxurious materials to create a bespoke look.

For your protection, they are licensed builders who are members of the Master Builders Association and the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association (ACFA).

If you care about your home and are looking for truly bespoke design, contact Collaroy Kitchen Centre by calling 02 9972 9300 or email .


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