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Top 5 Kitchen Designs Of All Time

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Kitchen design and trends, like fashion styles, can change frequently. The popular apricot wooden cabinets and speckled countertops popular in the 1980s are outdated and old looking compared to the modern, shiny cabinets and quartz countertops that are popular in current kitchens today.

Though kitchen styles and colours often change as time goes on, there are certain kitchen styles that kitchen designers use again and again.

Let’s look at the top 3 most popular kitchen designs.

Country Kitchen

A country kitchen has traditionally been the centre of the home with a central island and timber cabinets and a large sink and oven.  Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange enhance the timber design giving a country feel. Appliances tend to be large and traditional with a large country range hood above the stovetop.  Floors will usually be timber floorboards however, tiles or a parquetry floor would both look wonderful.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are often defined by a shiny, smooth and angular design. Simple in design with minimal extras, flush cabinet doors and flat surfaces. Modern kitchen colours are white, blue, and black with a touch of a contrasting colour to give a wow factor.

Appliances can often be stainless steel, walls white or pale grey tones, modern kitchens are simple to maintain and are a bold statement to any house.

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens usually incorporate soft, muted colours such as creams, taupe and light greys. Traditional kitchens are much the opposite of modern kitchens, a traditional kitchen is a classic style, with this kitchen you can use your own personal touch, you may opt for stone, timber or patterns.  Quite often a traditional kitchen will have a lot of cupboard space and versatility it will have a well lived in feel and can be changed with different appliances and colours.

Coastal Kitchen

One of the main components of coastal kitchen design is colour. Design in a coastal kitchen is often beach and seaside themed. Curtains, placemats and other linens may feature seashell or sea life designs and are often in soft, soothing colours in shades of pink, blue and green. There are no exact rules for selecting cabinets, appliances and flooring, all options will fit into a coast style kitchen though simple and sturdy is often a good option when selecting the kitchen materials.

Scandi Kitchen

Scandi style kitchen designs come in white, grey, black, with a touch of blonde timber. These style of kitchens are minimalistic and will enhance the sleek look of any kitchen. Scandinavian kitchens are typically and open plan design with vertical woodgrain cabinetry and a white colour pallet. The design is modern and will increase the look and feel of your property.

Perhaps you are looking to redesign your kitchen, working with a kitchen designer could help you weigh up and select the most suitable kitchen for your home and it will be worth the investment. Reach out to Collaroy Kitchens and their professional team will be more than happy to assist in any way to help guide you. With their professional knowledge, they will provide professional advise and ensure that the kitchen design will be a more beautiful and functional kitchen for your home.

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