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What is a Shaker Style Kitchen?

By April 27, 2021No Comments

Shaker style is a type of kitchen design that is markedly minimal, known for its clean features that has little to no décor. A Shaker style kitchen showcases simple lines and modest sophistication that has continually been a popular choice of kitchen style.

Although this style steers away from embellishments and flair, kitchen furniture and doors are painted or stained in different colours. If you are looking for a kitchen style that is durable, understated, and unfussy, then the Shaker style could be one to consider.

History of Shaker Style Kitchens

Did you know that the Shaker style kitchen originated from an American religious community? This group believed that “beauty rests in utility” and avoided unnecessary decoration as they thought it was too self-indulgent, and this is how the Shaker style was born. As a result, current Shaker style kitchens appear simplistic and humble.

Key Features of A Shaker Style Kitchen

As previously mentioned, Shaker kitchens are minimalistic in design, but you can add personal touches here and there.

Recessed Centre Panel

Shaker style kitchens are not over-the-top and are still a highly sought-after design. This is achieved with a ‘frame’ look on cabinetry, and by having a recessed centre panel.


Shaker style kitchens tend to feature local and natural woods in their joinery design, such as oak, mahogany and birchwood. Along with wooden joinery, doors, and window frames, you can incorporate Shaker style by using wooden benchtops and chairs.


One distinctive feature of the Shaker style is the wooden cabinetry used. Shaker cabinetry is unadorned and treated with oil to keep the natural appearance or stained and painted. Some renovators choose to use coloured cabinetry as a feature, which can be painted in light or natural shades, or you can go with more subtle colours such as beige or grey.


Using wooden flooring to achieve the Shaker style is the clear choice, but earthy toned tiles can work as well.


As the traditional Shaker style stays away from paint and colour, modern Shaker kitchens feature different shades of greens, blues, and even yellows and reds, to give more personality to your cooking space.

Contemporary Shaker kitchens can be finished in deeper colours, such as black or navy, for a more dramatic, moody appearance. As for adding contrast and warmth, light wood, brass, or wicker accessories may be used.

Benefits of A Shaker Style Kitchen


Shaker kitchens are timeless because of their minimalistic nature. The Shaker style stands the test of time because of its simplicity and modest features.


A Shaker kitchen is versatile in a way as it not only gives your home a contemporary feel, but also enables you to keep a sense of traditional charm about the place. Colour options and finishes are endless and can suit virtually any home.


The majority of Shaker style cabinet doors do not need constant cleaning, as opposed to high-maintenance or glossy kitchen cabinetry. A fast wipe-down is all that is needed to keep your kitchen looking immaculate.

Is the Shaker Style Right for Your Kitchen?

Shaker style kitchens are popular choice nowadays, and it is what you will usually find in a ‘Hampton style’ kitchen, but due to its timeless feel, this kitchen style can work equally well in coastal, country, or modern kitchens.

At Collaroy Kitchen Centre, we design and create custom-built kitchens, butler pantries, bathrooms, and joinery for the whole house – our goal is to design to your vision and needs, not to push existing, traditional designs. If you need any help – or answers to questions – please get in touch with Collaroy Kitchen Centre or pop into our Collaroy showroom.

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