More than ever before, we are looking for appliances and products for our home that eases the pressure on our wallets and the environment. This short guide provides all the tips and tricks you need to look for when purchasing your new kitchen appliances.

Trust Star Ratings

The easiest way for us to determine the energy and water efficiency of an appliance is through the use of the star ratings that appear on the front of the machine. The more stars there are, the more energy efficient or water efficient it is.  Most of these appliances are rated out of 6. It will also display the amount of kWh it uses per year, helping you calculate your bills in advance. Similarly for appliances that use water such as a dishwasher, you can determine the water usage per minute on the water efficiency sticker.

As an example on how much you can save with each energy star rating, running a 2-star fridge can cost roughly $50 more than a 3 star fridge per year. Therefore, if you consider purchasing 5 or 6-star rated appliances, your wallet will thank you in the long run. It is also important to note that electricity bills will fluctuate depending on your provider and your area. To calculate the exact amount, examine your most recent energy bill and multiply the cents charged per kWh with the number of kWh on the energy star-rating sticker.

Fridges – More Than You Need?

Are you buying a fridge suitable for a family of 5 when in reality, you are the only occupant in your home using the fridge? A large 900L french door fridge will be far more expensive to run in comparison to a small 92L top mount fridge. Determining the right size fridge to suit your home and your lifestyle will help you reduce your carbon footprint, while keeping your costs low.

Go For Induction Stove Tops

Did you know induction stovetops are one of the most energy efficient cooktops to choose from? According to RedEnergy, these stovetops are considered twice as fast when heating up, in comparison to gas and electric stovetops. Though these still use electricity, they activate an electromagnetic field when it comes into contact with the bottom of your pan/pot. Therefore, your pan is hot and ready to go in little time. Less time turned on, means less electricity used.

Getting a Professional to Help You With Your Kitchen

If you are looking to fit out your home with a full eco-friendly designer kitchen, contact Collaroy Kitchens today. We have been servicing clients in the Northern Beaches and North Shore for over 20 years, building and designing dream kitchens.

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