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If your kitchen is looking a little worse for wear or needs a complete renovation, it is difficult to understand where to begin. Many factors include designing the kitchen, researching for the exact appliances and figuring out the personnel to hire for the labour aspect of the build. However, did you know kitchen companies cover each and every aspect of your brand new kitchen? If you would like to know how, read the rest of this blog.

Why Choose a Kitchen Company?

In-House Designers

Kitchen companies have in-house designers who can tailor-make your dream kitchen. If you have a design in mind that you have created, they are also able to work with that as well. You have the ability to collaborate and work with an interior designer that understands the space of your existing kitchen area. It is too common that when people see kitchens in other homes, pictures or showrooms and they design the kitchen themselves, they do not take into account the practicality or the way that kitchen will function. This is where a professional can step in and lead you in the right direction, saving you from cabinet doors that don’t open the right way or an oversized kitchen for your house. Collaroy Kitchens have designers with degrees and years of experience. It is understandable that these designers have worked with many different types and styles of kitchens, so they know what they are doing. Not only does the client get a functional and practical kitchen, but they also get one that looks good.

Responsible for the Entire Project

Kitchen companies will work with you from the start to the end for the entire project. This is an important thing to note as a kitchen company will take responsibility for the entire kitchen. Everything from the design, the installation and the tradespeople hired for the job, will be taken care of by the kitchen company. All you have to do is enjoy the process and watch your new kitchen unfold before your eyes.

A Showroom to Showcase

Additional to handling the entire project, kitchen companies have showrooms to showcase samples. This is one of the prime examples of what sets a kitchen company apart from other third parties building your kitchen. Collaroy Kitchens can help you pick out the samples and demonstrate in person how colours and materials interact in a real-life setting. It is difficult to understand what a kitchen will truly look like from drawings and impressions.

Fully Licensed & One Contract

If you are working with multiple parties to build out your new kitchen, you may run into issues such as unlicensed, dodgy tradespeople or multiple contracts. This is where a kitchen company really shines. They provide one contract to cover all aspects. In particular, Collaroy Kitchens not only have experienced designers, but they have licenced tradespeople on call that have worked with before. Collaroy Kitchens understand the kind of work and high standards that these tradespeople have attained to over the years. These workers have obtained their builders’ licence as well.

Need a Kitchen Company to Renovate a Kitchen?

You may have read through the blog and realised the immense work there is when it comes to renovating a new kitchen. Collaroy Kitchens takes all the guess-work and paperwork out that comes with this process. They have been in the kitchen business for over 20 years and they have built a strong reputation for their focus on their quality, not quantity. They want every one of their clients to have a good experience without the stress. Their quote is itemized and transparent. If you’re looking to build your dream kitchen without the headache, contact Collaroy Kitchens today and one of the staff members will guide through your new journey.

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